Wednesday, December 29, 2010

हास्य कविता - काका हाथरसी (Hasya Kavita ' Darshanik Dalbadalu !' by Hasya Kavit Kaka Hathrasi)

'Daarshanik Dalbadalu' is the one of the best satire hasyva kavita  (funny poem in hindi) written by famous hasya kavi (humorist) Kaka HathRasi.  The poem is a brutal take on corrupt politicians, as how they justify their change of party, moving from one part to another because of their vested interests . Here are the other details :

हास्य कविता -  काका हाथरसी  (Hasya Kavita by Hasya Kavit Kaka Hathrasi)

Name of the Poem : ' Darshanik Dalbadalu !'
Name of the Poet   :  Hasya Kavi Shri Kaka Hathrasi
Genre                     :  Hasya Kavita (हास्य कविता  - Funny Poem in Hindi)
Copyright               :  Original Author / Poet / Publisher
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