Monday, December 27, 2010

हास्य कविता - काका हाथरसी (Hasya Kavita 'Naam Bade, Darshan Chote' by Hasya Kavit Kaka Hathrasi)

'Naam Bade Darshan Chote' (also know as 'Naam Roop ka Bhed' )  is the most popular hasyva kavita (funny poem in hindi) written by famous hasya kavi (humorist) Kaka HathRasi. In this poem, he takes a light heart approach on how most of the people have good names,but are exactly opposite in nature. The poem is a satire on the double tongued people. Here are the other details :

हास्य कविता -  काका हाथरसी  (Hasya Kavita by Hasya Kavit Kaka Hathrasi)

Name of the Poem : ' Naam Bade Darshan Chote (Naam Roop ka Bhed) !'
Name of the Poet   :  Hasya Kavi Shri Kaka Hathrasi
Genre                     :  Hasya Kavita (हास्य कविता  - Funny Poem in Hindi)
Copyright               :  Original Author / Poet / Publisher
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